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Everything is going to be okay...

Welcome to the website for RME Thornhill

This site is under construction.  Links to short stories and tasters of novels will appear soon.

RME Thornhill is a new author and poet based in Bristol, UK.  Born in Sussex in 1980, he has lived all over the South of England.  He went to school in the Medway Towns and University in Bristol.  His portfolio consists of two novels (The World Forgetting & The World Forgot, Black Water Lullabies), one novella (The Teddy Bear Requiem), a short story collection and a selection of poetry. 

Poems are also available on the RME Thornhill facebook page.

For all enquiries please contact rmethornhill@hotmail.co.uk

Nova (Everything is going to be okay) 

Last of the candles extinguished
Grief in my lungs, swam like a dollarfish
Scent of your neck on a pillow
Every cell in me wanted to follow

In to that dark, the last unknown
To the realm beyond thought nerve skin tooth bone
My rage was a river I wept
Your voice was a hymn that played while I slept

With empty eyes I watched a snail
Fragile yet stubborn, resolved to survive
With plum-coloured nose I inhaled,
Rich bracken perfume, the wet grass alive

I smiled at an owl gliding by
I felt you with me, heard words you would say
I peered at the vast inky sky
And found a new star was guiding my way


Purity (June '09)

The clock with knives for hands
Bought for a song, bought for a joke
On the first day of Autumn
From the place by the tree
With the woman who smiled
Sadly at children

The clock with knives for hands
That never hung straight
On the wall in the kitchen
With plates piled high and
Roses, gathered on the table
By ashtrays full of photos

The clock with knives for hands
That never kept time, or ticked
Or tocked,
Just sat on the wall,
Like a door holds a lock

Like a butterfly trapped in a box


Seven Days (Feb '09)

On the first day you glistened and glowed,
breathed warmth in to me
while outside it snowed

On the second day you smiled and shone,
lit up the dark world
I felt like I'd won

On the third day you shimmered with love,
while the bright sun smiled
at us from above

On the forth day you laughed at my name,
took pleasure from this
and made me ashamed

On the fifth day you faltered and stared,
your eyes turned to stone
your smile disappeared

On the sixth day we argued and fought,
you raged and shouted
while shelter I sought

On the last day with tears in our eyes,
we burned all our past
and said our goodbyes